New York: a person expelled from a shelter after attacking several immigrants and police

Agents detained an undocumented man for the incident. However, prosecutors decided not to move forward with the case.

One person was kicked out of a Randall's Island tent shelter after a dramatic confrontation between migrants and NYPD officers. The authorities reported that there was an arrest in connection with the incident, however, prosecutors have decided not to file charges against him. No additional details were given on whether it was the same person.

The situation arose after the police received complaints that there was a man who was causing a disturbance at the shelter. "Upon arrival, officers observed a male who was involved in a verbal dispute with security and acting in a disorderly fashion," a police spokesperson told New York The Post.

Afterwards, it was reported that there were no injuries. A 24-year-old Venezuelan migrant, identified as Manuel Eduardo, explained that the man did not live at the shelter, but that he tried to spend the night there after arriving to look for his mother.

"At first security approached him and asked the man to leave. From there his resistance to their requests led to police being invited into the discussion,” Eduardo told The Post.

Accordingly, several sources insisted that this is not the first problem that has arisen in the place. In fact, as The Post recalled, a man was murdered in that shelter last month. After that event, cameras were installed and a review of the installation of metal detectors is still being carried out, according to Chief of Staff Joseph Varlack.