Most Democratic voters would like an alternative to Biden

Nearly half of people polled by CNN said they would rather have any Republican candidate over the current president.

Joe Biden has a complicated campaign ahead to continue as president. A CNN poll found that two-thirds of Democratic voters (67%) would like an alternative to Biden in the 2024 presidential election, up from 54% last March.

However, this does not mean that they support the rest of the possible Democratic candidates. According to the survey, despite being unhappy with Biden's term, they would prefer someone different, but do not know whom. Only 1% said they would lean toward Robert F. Kennedy Jr. or Marianne Williamson, the two rivals who could challenge Biden for the Democratic nomination.

The main concern Democratic voters have with Biden is not how he led the country during his first term but his age. Thus, 81 % of Democratic voters said that the current president cares about people like them, while 75% approve of the actions carried out by his administration.

However, 49% said they were concerned about Biden's age, while 7% said they were concerned about the president's mental acuity and health. Voters also mentioned that they lost confidence in the Democrat because of his ability to handle the job (7%) or his popularity and electability (6%).

One example is a 28-year-old Democratic voter who was interviewed by CNN. As he wrote in the poll, he trusted Biden but worried about his age: "I think he’s a trustworthy, honest person. But he’s so old and not totally with it. Still love him though. But I also wish he was more progressive. It’s complicated."

This sentiment was similar to that expressed by a 66-year-old Democratic-leaning independent respondent. She stated that she was concerned about the president's age but would maintain her support for him until a "good strong Democrat" came along:

His age is a bit worrisome, but I would like to see a good strong Democrat as a consideration. Otherwise I and my husband will stick with Biden. He has wisdom many younger do not have nor understand.

46% of voters prefer any Republican candidate over Biden

The poll also found that nearly half of registered voters (46%) prefer any Republican candidate over Biden. The one who would achieve the most support in the eyes of voters is Nikki Haley, who would earn 49% of the votes compared to 43% for Joe Biden. Donald Trump would beat the current president 47% to 46%, while Mike Pence would beat Biden by two points (46% to 44%). This is the same result that would be obtained by South Carolina Senator Tim Scott.

There is less support in the poll for Vivek Ramaswamy. The businessman would lose to Biden by one point, 45% to 46%, while Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is projected to tie with Biden, with both getting 47% support.