Mexico: At least three dead, including a child, in an attack on immigrants in Sonora

The authorities revealed that the victims were part of a group of 11-14 immigrants traveling in three vehicles.

The attorney general of Sonora, Gustavo Rómulo Salas Chávez reported that at least three people died during the attack on an immigrant caravan in his state. Salas explained that the victims included a child and two women.

The attorney general denied the information released by the organization 1800 Migrante, which initially reported at least 50 deaths from the attack.

"What that organization claims is totally false. There was never that number of people even passing through at that time. Unfortunately, we have confirmed the death of three people: a minor and two women. Two of them have already been identified and we have started the process to deliver their bodies to their families," said Salas Chávez.

Likewise, the prosecutor explained that there were 11-14 immigrants traveling in three vehicles towards the north of the country. He reported that they were attacked by several individuals and that they are investigating the incident. At least three people were injured.