Megyn Kelly to Fox: "Tell your audience why you fired your number one star"

The conservative channel's spokeswoman blamed Irena Briganti - the network's spokeswoman - for wanting to destroy Tucker Carlson's career by leaking material to discredit him.

Megyn Kelly has repeatedly spoken out in reference to Fox News' efforts to destroy Tucker Carlson's career following his firing. In one of her latest statements, she criticizes the network and asks its representatives to be honest with the audience about the controversy:

Don't be a bunch of sissies who don't have the balls to just say why you got rid of him.

Kelly directly blames the network's spokeswoman, Irena Briganti, for leaking footage of Tucker - recorded behind the scenes - that is meant to build a smear campaign against the anchor and ruin his career:

Meanwhile, Media Matters for America releases another mysterious discarded shot of Tucker speaking frankly. Two videos were released. Who could it be, Irena? So they were first leaked to the New York Times. This is my guess for the record, because it hasn't been confirmed yet, but I know it's them. And I know it's Irena Briganti who is in charge of communications and hates Tucker. Sorry. She hates his guts. I don't like her either. None of us do. Nobody likes Irena.

A Fox spokesperson responded to Kelly's claim and noted that his allegations are "completely false and an outright lie."

"Fox is losing his straight"

On her program, The Megyn Kelly Show, the host opined that with Carlson's firing, the network made a "terrible move" and called it a "massive mistake."

Kelly asserted that "Fox is losing its straight," and again lashed out at Briganti accusing her of wanting to ruin the careers of those who stand in her way: "She hates it when you mention her name on the air. She hates it when her photos are on the air, but she's happy to sully yours. She's in the business of ruining your name."

This is too obvious, Irina. Again, this is my opinion. This is all being leaked by Irina Briganti, who has set out to ruin Tucker Carlson. Welcome to the club! It doesn't feel very good, Irina, when your name is all over the news as someone who is possibly doing dirty and filthy things, very disgusting? It does not feel good.