Man arrested in shooting deaths of four people at Idaho residence

The weekend resulted in six more deaths and dozens of gunshot wounds across the country.

The Kellogg Police Department (Idaho) and the Shoshone County Sheriff's Office have arrested a man for the murder of four people. Officers went to the Kellogg City Residence Hall after being alerted that a shooting had occurred and found four bodies with gunshot wounds.

The causes of the event are unknown

According to the Facebook page of the local Shoshone News Press newspaper, the shooting occurred in the multiple dwelling units behind Mountain View Congregational Church.

The motives for the incident are not known at this time, although the investigation is still ongoing. According to a statement from the Shoshone County Sheriff's Office, the suspect remains in custody "and does not pose a threat to the community." At this time, Kellogg Police are leading the investigation, but have requested additional assistance from the Idaho State Police.

Bloody weekend across the country

The weekend resulted in at least six other people being killed by firearms and dozens injured. Among the deceased is a Pennsylvania state trooper. Another officer is in critical condition. The shooter was shot and killed after an intense firefight with police.

Incidents occurred across the country, leaving at least one dead and 22 wounded in Chicago, two killed and two others wounded in Washington state, when a man suddenly and randomly opened fire on attendees at a Music festival. In St. Louis, a 17-year-old boy was killed and nine others, aged between 15 and 19, were injured when the shooter entered a party were the teenagers were celebrating.

In addition, gun incidents with no fatalities were reported in Southern California and Baltimore. In Carson, Los Angeles County, eight people between the ages of 16 and 24 sustained gunshot wounds and are in varying degrees of injury, two of them in critical condition. In North Baltimore six people were wounded by firearms, although there is no fear for the lives of any of them.