Jamie Waylett: from 'Harry Potter' star to disgraced actor

The actor entered prison in 2012. After spending two years in prison, he decided to turn his career around and now earns money on Cameo.

Jamie Waylett went from being one of the child stars of "Harry Potter" to becoming a disgraced actor. The actor, known for playing Vincent Crabbe in the film saga based on the books by JK Rowling, is one of the examples of child actors who fall into bad habits by not knowing how to manage their fame.

In his case, ABC recalls, the problems began in 2009. That year, Crabbe, once one of Draco Malfoy's faithful henchmen, was no longer played by Waylett, who had been fired after being caught growing cannabis. This caused his immediate dismissal, and he did not appear in the final two films of the film saga.

The actor's decline had only just begun. Two years later, in 2011, Waylett was seen at the London riots that took place between Aug. 6 and 11. Those days, the actor was arrested for possession of stolen goods. Specifically, it was a bottle of champagne from a Sainsbury's grocery store.

That took him to trial, where images were discovered showing Waylett with a bottle full of gasoline with a rag as a wick. It was not possible to prove that the actor's intention was to use it, but the photo was evidence enough for the court to determine bad intentions and condemn him. That, plus his involvement in the violent riots, landed the actor in prison in 2012.

Waylett's new job: recording videos on Cameo

His stay in prison lasted two years and, upon leaving, the interpreter looked completely different than when he entered. However, the most notable change was seen in the way he approached his life. Jamie Waylett left his acting career behind and instead began taking jobs through Cameo, a social network that notable personalities use to earn extra money.

There, Waylett sends personalized messages, which cost around 164 pounds (about $200). He makes it clear that, despite his dismissal from the "Harry Potter" films, he still maintains close ties with his work and to Crabbe's house of Slytherin.