Iowa to send National Guard to Texas border

The decision is to support Greg Abbott in his fight against illegal immigration.

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds reported that her state's National Guard will deploy on two missions in Texas in support of Operation Lone Star.

"The Iowa National Guard will deploy on two missions to support Operation Lone Star. The first deployment will begin April 1, 2024 and conclude May 3, 2024 with 110 personnel supporting the Texas Military Department’s security objectives. The second deployment will begin April 1, 2024 and conclude September 30, 2024 with 5 personnel providing ground vehicle maintenance and public affairs support," Governor Reynolds' office explained.

Reynolds maintained that her decision was made because, in her opinion, the Joe Biden administration has failed to protect the border from the arrival of thousands of undocumented migrants. She argued that the situation that Americans are experiencing is "an invasion."

“President Biden and his Administration have failed to protect the sovereignty of our borders and the safety of the American people. What Texas faces is nothing short of an invasion with historic levels of illegal immigrants and illicit drugs entering our country. Now, every state is a border state, and with that comes a duty to protect the people of Iowa," Reynolds stressed.

These deployments will help Texas on the frontlines of this crisis. I am grateful to all the members of the Iowa Department of Public Safety and the Iowa National Guard for volunteering for the deployment. It’s a testament to their leadership and willingness to serve.

Likewise, the governor's office explained that "all costs will be covered by federal funding allocated to Iowa from the American Rescue Plan. States are given flexibility in how this funding can be used provided it supports the provision of government services."