'Go back to China': Nancy Pelosi responds to pro-Palestine protesters outside her house

When activists blocked the road in front of her residence, the Democrat responded. The interaction was recorded on video.

Former Democratic Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi lost her temper this weekend when a group of protesters harassed her in front of her home. The pro-Palestine activists were shouting chants in favor of a ceasefire when, instead of leaving, Nancy Pelosi responded to them.

"Go back to China, where your headquarters is," the Democrat said once she got into her  car. The moment was recorded on video and was shared by political commentator Benny Johnson. It appears it happened last Sunday, since the Democrat is wearing a San Francisco 49ers scarf, who played that day against the Detroit Lions.

Nancy Pelosi's words were not because the protester in front of her was Asian, as many alleged on X (formerly Twitter), rather because some of the activists who participated in the protest were members of the group Code Pink.

Code Pink is a far-left activist group that was accused in 2023 by a House of Representatives committee of being part of a lobbying network financed by the Chinese Communist Party.