Glenis Zapata, Miss Indiana Latina 2011, is charged with trafficking and links to the Mexican drug cartel

According to the federal lawsuit, the beauty queen allegedly used her job as a flight attendant to move drug money from Chicago to Mexico.

One of Indiana's beauty queens, Glenis Zapata, was indicted this Monday on charges of trafficking and links to the Mexican drug cartel. The former Miss Indiana Latina 2011 received a federal lawsuit after authorities carried out a major raid on a Mexican cartel that they had been investigating for years.

Thus, the federal police determined that Zapata, 34, allegedly participated in the criminal activities. She did this by using her job as a flight attendant to move drug money from Chicago to southern states and Mexico.

For this reason, The New York Post states, the feds accused the former Miss Indiana Latina of two counts of money laundering as a result of transporting cash worth $170,000 on August 7, 2019 and another of at least $140,000 a month later, on September 10, 2019.

Oswaldo Espinosa, the main objective of the raid in which Miss Indiana Latina 2011 was arrested

Glenis Zapata was not the only one arrested during the raid. In that operation, about 18 suspects were arrested, among whom was the true target of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Oswaldo Espinosa.

He was among the most wanted fugitives by the federal organization and was finally arrested during this operation in which Zapata's sister, Ilenis, 33, as well as Georgina Bañuelos, another employee of 39 years old, was also detained. The authorities released the two sisters this Tuesday, according to what the Chicago Sun Times learned, although they imposed bail of $20,000.

After their release, the media attempted to contact both Glenis and Ilenis and Georgina. However, they refused to comment. However, the beauty queen's lawyer, Michael John Petro did it. He assured that the situation was devastating for Miss Indiana Latina 2011: "It was devastating for her. She dropped her son off at school, and they grabbed her. Whatever message they are trying to send her is a very strong message," said Michael John Petro.