Fox News loses half of its audience after the departure of Tucker Carlson

The news channel averaged around 3 million viewers in the 8 pm time slot.

Fox News ratings have only been falling since the departure of Tucker Carlson. A new report revealed that the news network has lost a little more than half of the prime-time audience during the former anchor's time slot.

According to data published by Nielsen ratings last Wednesday, the network retained only 1.33 million viewers in the 8 p.m. time slot. However, the "Tucker Carlson Tonight" program, which used to be in that same time slot before the host's firing, drew about 3 million viewers. Last Wednesday, April 19, Carlson had the attention of 3.05 million viewers. This implies that the audience dropped by 56%.

According to the report, Brian Kilmeade's show, the host who filled Carlson's slot, was in second place behind MSNBC's Chris Hayes.

Earlier this week, when Carlson's departure was announced, many social networks users and even some legislators assured that they would not watch Fox News, at least not in the prime time slot of "Tucker Carlson Tonight." Many even criticized Kilmeade for agreeing to replace his former colleague.

"If you were a real man, you would have told Fox News you couldn't do it, wouldn't do it, and take a stand. But I know you too well. You need the attention and would walk over anyone to get it," political commentator Dennis Michael Lynch told Kilmeade.

Lawrence Jones could be Carlson's next replacement

According to a media informant, Fox News will test with a rotating list of presenters to determine who will stay in Tucker Carlson's time slot. The next to occupy the slot could be Lawrence Jones, the 30-year-old who hosts "Lawrence Jones Cross Country" on Saturday nights.

However, the change may not be to viewers' liking because Jones is a libertarian political commentator, while Carlson is a conservative.