Formula 1 postpones the second free practice session of the Las Vegas GP due to an issue on the track

A problem with the cover of a sewer located on the route caused the delay of practices.

The return of Formula 1 to Las Vegas more than 40 years later has not kicked off as expected. The second free practice session, which was scheduled to take place between 12:00 and 1:00 PST, was postponed due to a problem with a manhole cover located inside the track.

Through a statement, the Formula 1 management confirmed that the second session will begin at 2:30 PST, despite initially announcing that it would start at 2:00 PST. The practice will last 90 minutes instead of 60.

During the first free practice session, the International Automobile Federation (FIA) - the body that regulates automobile competitions - detected the problem on the track after the manhole cover hit the car of the Spanish driver Carlos Sainz. Immediately afterwards, the regulations were applied and the celebration of the Las Vegas Grand Prix was postponed until the fault was repaired.