Former Florida Governor Bob Graham dies at age 87

The Democrat served as governor of The Sunshine State from 1979 to 1987.

(AFP / VOZ MEDIA) Bob Graham, a former Democratic senator and former governor of Florida, has died at the age of 87, his family announced Tuesday.

The politician held elected office for nearly four decades, from the time he was a state representative in Florida in 1966, all the way through 2005, when he retired from the U.S. Senate after his third term.

Graham "devoted his life to the betterment of the world around him," his family said in a statement posted by his daughter, Gwen Graham, on X.

The Democrat served as governor of Florida from 1979 to 1987, years that saw a great wave of immigration from Cuba and Haiti. As chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, he led a joint congressional investigation into possible government failures. He later strongly opposed then-President George W. Bush's move to invade Iraq and overthrow Saddam Hussein, arguing that it would divert resources from the fight against terrorism.

“It was with the deepest respect and sadness that I learned of the passing of Senator Bob Graham: a patriotic American and a great Member of the United States Senate," said former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.