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Javier Milei condemns the crimes of socialism as he is decorated by the president of the Community of Madrid

The president of Argentina was emphatic in recalling that socialists have murdered more than 100 million people around the world.

Isabel Díaz Ayuso y Javier Milei


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Freedom was the topic of discussion, again, in Madrid. Argentine President Javier Milei was awarded the international medal of the Community of Madrid. Madrid President Isabel Díaz Ayuso was the one who presented the recognition to the Argentine president.

Milei took the opportunity to recall the crimes of socialism around the world. The libertarian asked the Spanish not to allow socialism to destroy their lives.

"We come from the future to tell you a story that is desirable to avoid, the story of the damage and decadence caused by socialism ... Do not let socialism ruin your lives," Milei said.

The Argentine explained that the true allies of society are businessmen and women and everyone who decides to start a business. In that sense, he assured that socialism is an ideology that is based on the worst values: envy, resentment and death. Furthermore, he criticized socialists for attacking the press and was emphatic in recalling that socialism has murdered more than 100 million people around the world.

"The real heroes are the businessmen and entrepreneurs, not the bureaucrats who persecute us, who persecute the press, who lie, who steal and who ultimately destroy a country, and above all, cause a much more complicated form of damage that deteriorates the social fabric because socialism is based on envy, hatred, resentment and unequal treatment before the law. If necessary, they have no problem resorting to murder, because where socialism was applied in a pure way, it was a failure economically, culturally, socially, and never forget that they murdered more than 100 million human beings," Milei highlighted.

He also took the opportunity to praise the work of Díaz Ayuso. Milei insisted that his intention with the speech is to warn that socialism will always seek to intervene more and more in the life of individuals. He cited Mises and Hayek to remind listeners that "if socialists understood economics, they would not be socialists."

'The virtue of socialism: Generating poverty'

In that sense, Milei maintained that Argentina at the end of the 19th century was the richest country in the world, and currently, after more than 100 years of socialism, it has been impoverished. "This catastrophe is the virtue of socialism: generating poverty," he said.

"We received the country in that situation, with more than 13 years of falling GDP per capita, more than 50% of people in poverty and a scandalous situation, where a country that produces food for 400 million human beings, where the fiscal pressure on the food producing sector is 70%, that is, the state keeps the food of 280 million human beings. There are close to 5 million Argentines who do not have enough to eat," he explained.

That is why I want to warn you about them and alert you about the risks and how this model works, because it is not necessary to have to reach a situation as extreme as the one that reached Argentina. It would be good to avoid all that pain. In particular, I came here and I'm seeing Madrid, and it's so beautiful.

Furthermore, the Argentine president pointed out that although the current Spanish government is socialist, with Pedro Sánchez, the Spanish people are waking up to promote the ideas of freedom.

"I have hope that they are waking up, as they woke up in Argentina. I remember that, when I started the campaign, at the end I said that I did not come to guide lambs, I came to awaken lions. And it seems that that roar, from a place far from South America, began to reach the entire world. Europe was already taught a lesson recently, and we believe that the ideas of freedom will return to the world, the only ones that bring prosperity," Milei said.