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ISIS releases video that could prove it carried out the Moscow terrorist attack

Despite recent evidence, Russia continues to suggest that Ukraine was behind the violent act that killed more than a hundred people.

Un agente de la ley patrulla la escena del ataque con armas de fuego en la sala de conciertos Crocus City Hall en Krasnogorsk, en las afueras de Moscú

(Stringer/ AFP)

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A new video comes to light that demonstrates that the Islamic State (ISIS) was responsible for the terrorist attack that occurred in a concert hall in Moscow, which left more than a hundred people dead.

The audiovisual material, described as "extremely graphic," was published this Saturday by Amaq, the news agency affiliated with the terrorist group, according to reports. In the video, the alleged perpetrators of the attack are shown inside Crocus City Hall, shouting and attacking the victims.

Although the video is claimed to be one minute and 31 seconds long, shorter versions have circulated across social media.

ISIS had already claimed responsibility for the attack that killed at least 137 people and left a hundred injured and has supposedly been sharing other images of the terrorists. Despite this, Vladimir Putin's regime has suggested that Ukraine is linked to the attack.

Ukraine rejects accusations

Ukraine has vehemently rejected these accusations. Mykhailo Podolyak, advisor to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, issued a statement through social media denying any Ukrainian link to the terrorist attack.

"Any attempts to connect Ukraine to the terrorist attack are absolutely untenable. Ukraine has not the slightest connection to this incident (...)The versions of Russian special services regarding Ukraine are absolutely untenable and absurd," he said.

The United States also addressed the incident, ensuring that there are no indications that suggest Ukraine's involvement in the shooting and highlighting that an alert had already been issued about the possibility of an extremist attack.

Earlier this month, the American embassy in Russia publicly reported that they had reports of "imminent plans" by extremists to attack large gatherings and urged American residents and visitors in Moscow to avoid concerts and other events that bring large crowds together.