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The United States and the United Kingdom warn of imminent attacks by extremists against "large gatherings" in Moscow

The embassies recommended avoiding crowded events for the next 48 hours and monitoring local media for updates.


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The US and UK embassies in Moscow have warned citizens in the Russian capital of reports of “imminent plans” by extremists to attack large events.

The alert issued Thursday afternoon urges residents and visitors in Moscow to avoid “large gatherings,” including concerts, for the next 48 hours. To ensure public safety, authorities advise the public to monitor local media for updates and remain alert to their surroundings.

“The embassy is monitoring reports,” the US Department of State’s travel division said in a statement published on social media.

This warning adds to the existing recommendations from both countries not to travel to Russia. It should be remembered that the United States classifies the country as a level 4 risk due to the “unpredictable consequences” of its invasion of Ukraine. Additionally, it mentions the potential for harassment and “singling out” of US citizens for detention by security agents and urges citizens residing or traveling to Russia to depart immediately.

The Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) of the UK has also advised against all travel to Russia, pointing out the risks that have arisen following the invasion of Ukraine, such as drone attacks in some parts of the country, a shortage of flights available to return to the UK and the limited ability of the British government to provide consular assistance.