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'The Autocrat': the documentary about Spain's president "censored" by his administration

Director Carlos Hernando released the film so Spaniards can get to know the hidden face of the socialist leader before the general elections.

El presidente de España Pedro Sánchez.

(Cordon Press)

"That is why this morning a motion of censure we have presented against President Rajoy. A motion of censure to recover the dignity of our democracy that today is questioned by the party that governs in the main institutions of this country." These phrases marked the beginning of a new age in the Spanish government. They were said in 2018 by the then leader of the opposition, Pedro Sánchez, preceding a vote that allowed him to seize power.

The road that started then could end this Sunday, when Spaniards will vote whether to take the reins of the country away from the social-communists. The documentary "El Autócrata" ("The Autocrat") uncovers the truth about Sánchez and also begins with those words from five years ago.

The director and producer of the film, Carlos Hernando, however, said that his work could not be released in theaters due to the "censorship" of Minister of Culture Miquel Iceta. Hernando shared the "outlandish requests" that delayed the approval of the film and even pressures against theaters, such as the withdrawal of subsidies, according to local media reports.

Understanding that his film would not reach theaters before the July 23 vote, Hernando authorized its free distribution. Below we share the complete documentary in Spanish: