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From Rihanna's pregnancy to Ben Affleck selling donuts, the best moments of the Super Bowl

The singer showed off her pregnancy bump during her performance, while the actor's commercial stole the show.

Rihanna, protagonista del Super Bowl al desvelar su embarazo durante su actuación el el descanso.

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The Super Bowl had two clear winners off the field: Rihanna and Ben Affleck. The singer was the headline performer of the NFL Halftime show, but she surpassed expectations by revealing her pregnancy bump during the performance. The actor starred in the most applauded commercial of the night with his wife, Jennifer Lopez.

The artist from Barbados began her performance from an elevated platform that was lowered to the field at State Farm Stadium in Arizona. The star did not disappoint in her halftime performance. The crowd and the viewers wondered if she was pregnant. When her performance started, she rubbed her belly clearly revealing her pregnancy. In case there was any doubt, her agent confirmed this at the end of the game.

The star performed 12 songs throughout the 15 minutes she was on stage.

'Salesman' Affleck at Super Bowl

Rihanna's appearance momentarily overshadowed the other major Super Bowl headliner. Ben Affleck's performance in the Dunkin Donuts commercial stole the show. In it, the actor played a drive-thru employee for the well-known chain. A hidden camera caught customers’ reactions as they drove up and realized the actor was there to give them their order, making for the most talked about commercial of the night.

The cherry on top was Jennifer Lopez, who appeared as a customer, telling her husband, "So this is where you go when you tell me you're working," before making it clear that she wasn’t leaving without her donuts.

And, of course... the national anthem.

Chris Stapleton, guitar in hand, thrilled the crowd with his rendition of the national anthem before the start of the game.