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Florida: Rapper Julio Foolio shot dead in Tampa

Rapper Julio Foolio, real name Charles Jones, was celebrating his 26th birthday in the city when he was ambushed in a parking lot.

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Florida rapper Julio Foolio, real name Charles Jones, died this Sunday in a shooting in the city of Tampa. According to local media, his lawyer, Lewis Fusco, confirmed the news. It is the third time that Julio Foolio was the victim of a shooting.

Julio Foolio, especially well known in his hometown of Jacksonville, was celebrating his 26th birthday in Tampa this weekend. According to his lawyer, he was staying in an Airbnb in the city.

Together with a large group of people, Julio Foolio organized an improvised party in said Airbnb and in the common areas to which he had access, including a swimming pool. Due to the scandal caused by the party, the Police intervened in the premises to evacuate the pool, which forced Julio Foolio to move the party. According to the News 4 channel, numerous posts on their social networks announced the location of the event.

The rapper then changed his accommodation to a Holiday Inn hotel, where, according to his lawyer, he was the victim of an ambush in the parking lot. "The victim of this morning's shooting is believed to be Charles Jones," said Tampa Police Press Officer Jonee Lewis. "Positive identification is pending confirmation by the Office of the Medical Examiner."