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Supreme Court rules against lawsuit restricting abortion pill

Judge Brett Kavanaugh found that the organization that filed the lawsuit lacked the standing to bring the case.

Los funcionarios públicos que bloquean usuarios críticos en redes corren el riesgo de ser demandados por violar la Primera Enmienda, dice la Corte Suprema

Corte Suprema en Washington, DC. (AFP).

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The Supreme Court on Thursday annulled the restrictions imposed by a lower court on access to mifepristone, the pill used in most abortions in the country. The decision, reported by AFP, was a unanimous ruling.

According to the decision, the nine justices, with a conservative majority, affirmed that the doctors and pro-life groups challenging the drug lacked the standing to bring the case.

However, Judge Brett Kavanaugh explained that the organization that sued has legal, moral, ideological and political objections to abortion that it can express to health authorities such as the Food and Drug Administration:

The plaintiffs may present their concerns and objections to the president and FDA in the regulatory process or to Congress and the president in the legislative process ... And they may also express their views about abortion and mifepristone to fellow citizens, including in the political and electoral processes.

As NBC News explained, the decision also maintains the rule that women can get the pill within 10 weeks of gestation instead of seven.