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Iowa: a tornado devastates the city of Greenfield and leaves several dead

Authorities are continuing their search and rescue operations

Un tornado devasta la ciudad de Greenfield

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Authorities reported several deaths due to a tornado in Greenfield, Adair County, Iowa. The incident also left several people injured, though the exact number of victims has not been disclosed.

Alex Dinkla, public information officer for the Iowa State Patrol, explained during a press conference that authorities are working to address the aftermath of the emergency.

"Earlier today, the town of Greenfield was struck by a devastating tornado. Local, county, and state emergency responders quickly initiated search and rescue operations once the tornado passed through the area," Dinkla announced at a news conference.

Videos of the damage caused by the natural phenomenon were shown on social networks.

Likewise, authorities explained that the team at Adair County Memorial Hospital worked quickly to help the injured and at the same time ensure the safety of its facilities, as it also suffered tornado damage. As a result of damage to the hospital, patients needing additional treatment for their injuries were transported to nearby medical facilities.

In that sense, the Greenfield School District coordinated the establishment of a reunification point at the local high school. This location will also serve as a temporary shelter for Greenfield residents.

The Iowa Department of Public Safety asked that "if there are family members or friends unable to reach their loved ones that might have been impacted by the storm in Greenfield, we encourage you to call the Iowa Department of Public Safety."