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Tornadoes and flooding: Spring storm continues to wreak havoc

Texas Governor Greg Abbot reported the deaths of two more people due to bad weather. In Oklahoma, the death of another person due to the storm was also reported.

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The spring storm continues to wreak havoc in several areas of the country. IIn the last few hours, the Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, reported the deaths of two more people related to the bad weather: a Monroe police officer who died on April 28 when a tornado devastated his home in Trinity County and another man who lost his life Monday when stormwater swept him away in Bosque County.

These two victims are in addition to the death, this Sunday, of a four-year-old boy who was swept away by a flood in Johnson County. However, none of the fatalities were reported in the areas most affected by flooding, which include Polk, Montgomery, Liberty and Harris counties.

In all of them, as well as in 87 other counties, Abbott assured that varying emergencies had been declared due to bad weather. According to the Texas Tribune, more than 230 local, state and federal agencies have collaborated in the rescue efforts. For its part, Abbott said, the state evacuated a total of 124 people and rescued 58 while volunteers and local first responders rescued hundreds more people.

Oklahoma reports one death from storm

Texas is not the only state that recorded victims. Oklahoma also mourned the death of another person. It happened during the storms and tornado that happened this Monday. That phenomenon ended the life of a person, according to Osage County Sheriff Eddie Virden, in statements reported by CNN :

There’s a lot of damage between Bartlesville and Barnsdall along the path of the tornado, a lot of houses damaged -- some completely torn up --. We’ve got one confirmed fatality and multiple injuries.

The storm will continue to affect Texas, Ohio, Tennessee, Nebraska and Oklahoma over the next few days. According to the National Weather Service, the spring storm will last until Wednesday with possible tornadoes, wind gusts of up to 80 mph, flooding and even chances of hail: