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Mexican actress Rosita Pelayo dies

The actress, known for her roles in series such as 'Cachún cachún ra-ra!!,' was diagnosed with colon cancer in mid-2023.

Captura de pantalla de Rosita Pelayo hablando en el programa de Matilde Obregón.

(YouTube Matilde Obregón / Voz Media)

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The Mexican actress and dancer Rosita Pelayo died this Saturday at the Mexico City Hospital, where she had been admitted since the middle of last week.

Jorge Zamitiz, journalist and friend of the actress, confirmed the news on his X (Twitter) account and promised to release details about the funeral services. Zamitiz acknowledged the day before that Pelayo, who had been fighting colon cancer since the middle of this year, was "going through a very delicate moment of health."

The National Association of Actors of Mexico also posted about her passing:

Pelayo was born in Mexico City in 1958. Her family worked in the entertainment industry. She worked in both theater and television, where she became especially known for her role in Cachún cachún ra-ra!!