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Video: New shoplifting raid on California Home Depot

The video shows seven hooded men stealing boxes of power tools while store assistants stand idly by, not knowing what to do.

Captura de pantalla del vídeo subido a Reddit de un robo 'flash mob' en un Home Depot de Long Beach, California.


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California continues to experience a crime wave. The latest incident took place on Sunday at a Home Depot in Long Beach and went viral thanks to a video posted on Reddit. Although it was eventually removed from the website, it soon reached other platforms such as X:

The video shows seven men wearing black hoodies committing what is known as a flash mob robbery. This type of theft consists of criminals entering the store, grabbing a shopping cart and filling it with valuable items.

That's what the men seen in the videos did. They entered a Home Depot located on Spring Street in Signal Hill and began loading boxes of what appear to be Milwaukee brand power tools. They put them in the carts or simply carried them in their arms and left the establishment while two employees wearing orange aprons looked at them surprised, not knowing how to act. They stole over $5,000 worth of equipment.

The robbery was confirmed to the Long Beach Post News by Signal Hill Police Department Lt. Kelli Crigler. She said in an email that several officers responded to the store on Sunday around 6:03 p.m. There, they wrote a report about what happened: "Approximately seven unknown males, who stole approximately $5,000 worth of power tools."

This is only the latest recorded case in California of this type of crime. The robbery of a Gucci store in Los Angeles, the raid of a 7-Eleven and the theft of several cars in San Francisco have also been also reported.