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Selina Soule: Allowing men to compete "is devastating for women's sports"

The athlete sued the state of Connecticut for allowing transgender people to participate in women's sports competitions.

Selina Soule

Selina Soule

Selina Soule spent all four years of high school competing against men and she lost dozens of times. Soule stated to Fox & Friends that Connecticut's policy of allowing transgender people to compete has "robbed" women of their options.

This situation has more implications than just not getting a win: "I lost out on qualifying spots for the meets, better placement and possibly even scholarship opportunities. It was a very frustrating and heartbreaking thing to have to go through." Christiana Kiefer, an attorney with Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), agrees: "That’s not only unlawful but, as we’ve seen in the state of Connecticut, will absolutely devastate women’s sports."

Title IX

The Connecticut Department of Education decreed that transgender athletes may not be discriminated against participating in athletic competition. The state relies on Title IX of the Education Act Amendments of 1972. Christiana Kiefer considers Connecticut's legislation to be a "complete redefinition" of Title IX. ADF has appealed District Judge Robert Chatigny's decision to dismiss the lawsuit against the state over its sports tryout admissions policy.

Last June 23, Selina Soule led a public rally advocating for women's rights to compete without interference from men.

Exactly 50 years ago today, Title IX was enacted. Since that historic day in 1972, women across the United States have been able to succeed in the sports they love. However, 50 years later, women are losing their rights to win due to biological males dominating many female sports. I was one of the very first to speak publicly about this issue and at first, I was scared, but I knew that I had to stand up for female athletes and ask for fairness to be returned to our sports.

Changes in the Biden Administration

Connecticut's interpretation of Title IX may be against the law, but it is in tune with the Biden Administration's desired changes to federal education regulations. According to the proposed text, states may not discriminate against transsexuals on the basis of sex. The consequence that it will have is that it won't be possible to prevent men who identify as women from being able to compete with them.