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The first NYT poll after the debate reveals a bleak outlook for Biden

According to the poll conducted in conjunction with Siena College, Trump improved by three points in his position prior to the first of the two meetings between the two candidates.

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The aftermath of the first presidential debate seems to have no end for Joe Biden. Just minutes after the face-off between the president and Donald Trump ended, many Democrats expressed concern about Biden's performance and its possible electoral impact, which was already reflected in a poll by The New York Times.

The poll was conducted in conjunction with Siena College in the days following the debate, which took place at the CNN studios on June 27.

More than 50 million people tuned in live to the debate, and 59% of registered voters also confessed to having watched it, while 16% confessed to following it through social media clips.

Against this backdrop, the results obtained by the Times and Siena turned out to be very unfavorable for the president.

The debate worsened all of Biden's numbers

Prior to the debate, and in the same poll, the president was losing to Trump by three points among likely voters, by six points among registered voters and by one averaged across all polls.

Post-event numbers showed an even more pessimistic scenario for the Democrat. Projections show that he now loses by six among likely voters, by nine among registered voters and by three in the average of polls.

"The poll offers early empirical evidence of what many Democrats have feared: That Mr. Biden’s faltering debate performance has further imperiled his chances against Mr. Trump this fall. Some Democratic lawmakers and donors are raising questions about Mr. Biden’s fitness following his struggles to finish his thoughts or articulate a vision during the debate, and they are demanding that Mr. Biden prove for a skeptical public that he is capable of serving until he is 86," The New York Times noted.

However, the president did get a couple of good news stories, such as closing the gap among independent voters and improving the proportion of voters that Biden was to remain the Democratic nominee. Although, according to the Times, this is because Republicans now want him as an opponent in November.

"If this were a boxing match, it would have been a technical knockout in the first round."

Speaking to the aforementioned media outlet, George Lee, a 44-year-old health consultant from Brooklyn, lamented the president's performance and confessed that it will be very difficult for him to rebound.

"If this were a boxing match, it would have been a technical knockout in the first round. Please, somebody stop this at once. He's not in his right mind. That was clear last week. They've been saying it for a long time, but the world saw it," he said.

Finally, he expressed his wish that Biden would decline his candidacy, since, in his view, "there's no way he's going to win now."