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Biden confessed to his entourage that he is considering dropping out of the presidential race, per report

The New York Times claims that the president spoke to an "ally" about withdrawing from the campaign if he fails to improve his image after the CNN debate.

President Joe Biden(Jim WATSON / AFP)

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Biden confessed to one of his closest allies that he may not be able to salvage his image and presidential campaign after the CNN debate disasterThe New York Times quoted this anonymous source on Wednesday and opened a new breach in the Democratic candidate's wall, although the president's team is now scrambling to deny this leak.

According to the report, the president, who according to this anonymous ally remains fully immersed in the reelection battle, understands that his upcoming appearances heading into the holiday weekend must go well, particularly an interview scheduled for Friday with ABC News' George Stephanopoulos and campaign stops in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

According to the NYT sourceif these Joe Biden appearances go badly, the president could move to drop out of the presidential race this November. "He knows if he has two more events like that, we’re in a different place."

Biden's campaign finds itself drowned in non-stop rumors and denial by his team about whether or not the president will drop out and who would be the candidates to succeed him in the head-to-head with Donald Trump for the White House. This situation, which has been going on for a week, could have a conclusion as soon as this weekend.

After the New York Times report, White House spokesman Andrew Bates assured on social media that the statements of the anonymous source are "absolutely false" and that the White House has not been given enough time to respond.

A few hours after the information came to light, Biden held a meeting with his advisors from which some statements were leaked. In that discussion, the president assured that he will stay in the presidential race until the end. "I'm in this race to the end and we're going to win, because when Democrats unite, we will always win," Biden said, according to two people in a telephone meeting who were granted anonymity. "Just as we beat Donald Trump in 2020, we're going to beat him again in 2024."

Alongside this, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre assured before the press that Joe Biden has denied to her that he has spoken to anyone about the possibility of withdrawing from the presidential race. "The president said 'No, it is absolutely false,'" Jean-Pierre said during the briefing, adding, "That's coming directly from him."