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After the rescue of four hostages in Gaza, anti-Israel protesters caused destruction and attacked a park ranger near the White House

The Park Police intervened to contain the crowd, which even displayed Palestinian flags and smoke with the respective colors.

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On Saturday, Israel announced the repatriation of four hostages who had been held hostage in the Gaza Strip since October 7. Just hours later, hundreds of pro-Palestine protesters surrounded the White House and clashed with authorities. The most violent ones caused damage and even attacked a park ranger. While there were no arrests, some had to be dispersed with pepper spray.

The protest took place on Saturday afternoon when the protagonists began to arrive near the White House with signs calling for "ending the siege of Gaza now "and "liberating Palestine."

In turn, another group formed a line with an extensive red banner approximately two miles long, to symbolize the “red line” that Israel "crossed" when it began the operation in Rafah. One of the most viral images was that of a protester who wore a blood-stained Joe Biden mask.

Tension began to increase when some of the protesters began to cause damage and throw smoke flares very close to the White House's doors, which quickly provoked the response of the authorities present.

Park Police officers began to disperse some of the most violent with pepper spray. It also emerged that they tried to arrest one of them, but that they finally gave up and decided to let him go.

Some violent people even mocked and attacked a park ranger who was working near the White House.

The protest caused conflicts in DC traffic, since 16th Street between I Street and H Street NW, which leads directly to the White House, was closed.

"Protests like these have a seemingly big influence on the president. Biden's call for a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas came amid growing pressure in Michigan to do so. A movement began to energize Democratic voters to vote 'uncommitted' in the state's primary elections as a form of protest against the president's support for Israel The number of uncommitted votes caused Biden to lose two delegates, who will be free to vote for any candidate they wish at the end of year," they noted from the Washington Examiner.