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Trump raises $12 million at rally in San Francisco

The event, organized with the help of Senator Vance, brought together important personalities from the world of technology, venture capital and cryptocurrencies.

Donald Trump habla durante un mitin de campaña en el sur del Bronx

(Jim Watson / AFP)

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Donald Trump's visit to San Francisco was extremely profitable for the de facto Republican candidate for the White House. Economically speaking, the event, organized with the help of the Senator JD Vance, managed to raise more than 12 million dollars in a Californian Democrat Shrine, but, also, due to the number of relevant people from the world of technology, venture capital and cryptocurrencies that he managed to gather in a progressive square. His presence caused some altercations between his supporters and detractors who approached the place to rebuke him.

The tickets, which cost up to 500,000 euros per couple, were sold out

According to Reuters, the former president obtained that amount of money at an event organized by David Sacks and Chamath Palihapitiya, two venture capital investors, which caught the attention of Silicon Valley investors unhappy with the Biden Administration. Organizers planned a reception and dinner with Trump at the Sacks mansion in the Pacific Heights neighborhood.

According to the German agency, tickets for the event, which cost up to $500,000 per couple, had been sold out. Thus, they estimated that about $12 million was raised, according to Harmeet Dhillon, a member of the Republican National Committee, and a second source.

Trump's important victory in a Democratic sanctuary

These figures become even more relevant due to the place where they were obtained. San Francisco is a strongly progressive city, with Joe Biden winning 85% of the city's votes in 2020. Faced with the economic policies of the current Executive, more and more high-profile local venture capitalists and crypto investors have expressed their support for the former president ahead of the November election. In fact, some, like Jacob Helberg, a data analyst who voted for the Democratic Party until 2021, have donated more than one million euros each to the former president's campaign.

Another of the big winners of the night was Senator JD Vance, one of those most likely to be vice president if Trump wins the Presidency. The lawmaker, who previously lived in San Francisco, was key in organizing the fundraiser and was the liaison between Sacks and the Trump campaign. In fact, Sacks himself thanked him for his work in the speech, according to Reuters: "This all started with JD Vance calling and asking if we could organize an event for President Trump."

Near Sacks' mansion, supporters and detractors of the former president engaged in some clashes after both groups met.