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Venezuela: Opposition leader María Corina Machado insists that she will continue running for the presidency and denounces that Maduro wants tailored elections "with false opponents"

"We Venezuelans are not going to accept anything apart from our full freedom and the return to democracy," stated Machado.

La líder de la oposición venezolana, María Corina Machado, habla con sus partidarios durante una manifestación en Mariara, estado de Carabobo, Venezuela

María Corina Machado (Gabriela Oraa / AFP)

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This Sunday, the Venezuelan opposition candidate, María Corina Machado, who was illegitimately disqualified by the dictatorial regime of Nicolás Maduro, reaffirmed her commitment to running for president despite the challenges imposed by the government.

In a statement disseminated through the social network X, Machado warned about the new tactics adopted by the Chavista dictatorship to influencescheduled for July 28, highlighting her concern about the serious violations perpetrated by the regime.

They are committing very serious violations,” she said, highlighting that not only are they trying to prevent her from participating in the presidential elections, but they are also canceling the cards of the parties and movements that support her while favoring those related to her interests.

Furthermore, she stressed that the regime unilaterally imposes an electoral calendar that hinders the right of new voters and Venezuelans abroad to register, as well as the deployment of comprehensive electoral observation missions.

“The regime wants to compete with falsified opposition candidates chosen by the Miraflores leadership,” she added.

Machado highlighted that her political opponents have lost popular support and can no longer manipulate people through coercive or blackmail methods, which is why the dictator does not dare to compete fairly. Furthermore, she emphasized that the dictatorship’s attacks are not indicative of its political strength but of its weakness.

They attack because they are politically weak, and they want to hide that weakness with blows and abuse. This is the demonstration that they know they have been defeated on the electoral route,” said the candidate.

Addressing the Venezuelan regime, Machado left a clear and forceful warning, urging it to consider two options: facilitate a negotiated transition through free presidential elections within the framework of the Barbados Agreement or remain in power through coercive and repressive methods. “The latter is the worst option for everyone and would not prevent the transition since neither the country nor the world will accept it. They can delay the transition but not prevent it,” she assured.

A call to the international community

The opposition leader also addressed the international community, reminding them of the importance of a peaceful transition in Venezuela. “We Venezuelans are not going to accept anything apart from our full freedom and the return to democracy,” she stated.

A democratic structure

Despite the obstacles imposed by the Venezuelan government, Machado assured that a structure called Platform 600K has been established to defend the integrity of the vote, along with the formation of the Grand National Alliance (Gana), a coalition that seeks democratic change in the country. This agreement aims to counter the current regime's actions and ensure broad participation in the upcoming elections.

“We have a route, a future that also includes them,” said Machado, underlining the importance of focusing on the reconstruction of the country and the inclusion of all sectors of Venezuelan society.

The opposition leader concluded her speech by sending a message of strength to Venezuelans, guaranteeing that she would be in charge of making the correct decisions that would allow the support of each sector that wants imminent change in Venezuela to continue on the path of participation.