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National Archives finds 82,000 pages of emails where Biden used pseudonyms, a figure that downplays Hillary Clinton's scandal

The now president used the following anonymous addresses to discuss official and family matters: robinware456@gmail.com, JRBWare@gmail.com and Robert.L.Peters@pci.gov.

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(Cordon Press)

The National Archives found a large number of pages of emails where Joe Biden used pseudonyms to discuss official and family matters during his time as vice president, according to a federal court status report made public Monday.

Under legal pressure, the federal agency revealed that it found up to 82,000 pages of emails —divided into three different addresses—that Biden used instead of his name to receive and send emails, a figure that completely downplays Hillary Clinton's scandal, who deleted 33,000 emails that represented 55,000 pages.

It is the first time that Joe Biden's entire private email exchanges have been revealed. The release follows a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit filed against the National Archives and Records Administration by the nonprofit public interest law firm Southeastern Legal Foundation.

According to Just the News, Biden used the following anonymous addresses to discuss official and family matters: robinware456@gmail.com, JRBWare@gmail.com and Robert.L.Peters@pci.ov.

"NARA has completed a search for potentially responsive documents and is currently processing those documents for the purpose of producing non-exempt portions of any responsive records on a monthly rolling basis," reads the status report that has been virtually swept under the table. "Given the scope of Plaintiff's FOIA request, which seeks copies of all emails in three separate accounts over an eight-year period, the volume of potentially responsive records is necessarily large."

"NARA has identified approximately 82,000 pages of potentially responsive documents, and it is currently processing those documents and preparing any non-exempt responsive documents for production on a rolling basis," the filing says.

The situation raises serious concerns, as the law discourages the use of anonymous emails by officials to discuss public matters. Additionally, officials of Biden's caliber are required to preserve all government-related emails sent through their private accounts under the Federal Records Act.

Amid their investigations into the Biden family businesses, Republicans seek an email proving that Joe Biden had a call with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko on May 27, 2016, while he was vice president.

At the time, former Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin was investigating the energy company Burisma for corruption when Hunter Biden was on the company's board of directors.

A highly credible FBI source said Burisma bribed the Bidens to pressure the Ukrainian government to get Shokin out of the way. The Ukrainian prosecutor was finally fired after pressure from Joe Biden himself. The United States said that the dismissal of Shokin was because he was not tough enough to combat corruption in the European country.