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HBO Max releases two new trailers for the second season of 'House of the Dragon'

The new batch of episodes, which will land on June 17, will show the tough battle between "the greens" and "the blacks" of the Targaryen clan.

Fotograma de uno de los tráilers promocionales de la segunda temporada de 'House of the Dragon', la nueva tanda de episodios que llegarán a HBO Max el próximo 16 de junio de 2024.

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Every battle has two sides. And in "House of the Dragon" they know it well. The sequel to "Game of Thrones," released Thursday the first preview of its second season dedicated to telling the story of the two sides of this crude war: "the greens" and "the blacks," the two divisions of Targaryen clan which were formed at the end of the first season.

Under the warning of "there are two sides to every story," the series decided to premiere not just one, but two previews of the new season to give a sneak peak at the continuation of the popular series that, on this occasion, will show the Dance of Dragons. This is the name George RR Martin gave to the Targaryen civil war that almost ended the dynasty and the dragons of the long house and which starred Rhaenyra Targaryen (played by Emma D'Arcy) and Alicent Hightower (who is played by Olivia Cooke).

June 16, the date ‘House of the Dragon’ will return to HBO Max

The platform, which used the trailers to announce that "House of the Dragon" will return with its second season on June 16, forces viewers to choose a side and position themselves with "the blacks" (the division led by Rhaenyra and Daemon Targaryen) or with "the greens" (the group led by Alicent Hightower who tries to make her children, Aegon and Aemond, rise to power and thus take it from his stepdaughter, Rhaenryra).

However, the two trailers have something in common since both promise hardship, blood and pain. These features made viewers fall in love with "Game of Thrones" and that will continue to be a fundamental part of "House of the Dragon" during its second season, which not only premiered its initial trailers, but also launched its first promotional posters on Wednesday.

The new batch of eight episodes, Deadline reports, will return viewers to Winterfell to meet the ancestor of the Starks, Lord Cregan Stark, played by British actor Tom Taylor.