Detroit: Police arrest new suspect in Samantha Woll stabbing

The president of the Isaac Agree synagogue, in the center of the city, was murdered on October 21, shortly after the outbreak of the new cycle of anti-Semitic violence.

The Police Department of the city of Detroit, Michigan, made a new arrest this Sunday in connection to the death of Samantha Woll. Samantha, who was 39 years old, was president of the synagogue Isaac Agree, located in the center of the city, and was stabbed to death on October 21.

According to The Detroit News, police sources assured that the arrested person is a man. Initial reports suggest that he did not have any type of previous relationship with Samantha Woll before the incident. Police sources have further clarified that the individual in question is distinct from the person previously apprehended at the end of October, who was subsequently released shortly thereafter, within the context of the Samantha Woll case.

Despite Woll's role in the community, as a religious leader, and the moment of anti-Semitic tension prevailing in the days of her death, authorities point out for now that the motive for death was not a hate attack against the Jewish community of Detroit.

According to the investigation, Woll was stabbed inside her home on Detroit's East Side. After receiving a fatal wound, Samantha Woll managed to make it to her front yard before bleeding to death. According to The Detroit News, Detroit Police Chief, James White, insisted that there is no evidence linking Woll's murder to the tensions or current events surrounding Israel's war against Hamas, nor that the stabbing was motivated by anti-Semitism or the victim's position as president of the Isaac Agree synagogue. The authorities maintain this assumption following this latest arrest.