Colombian security forces mobilize to prevent the father of player Luis Díaz from being taken to Venezuela

The Minister of the Interior, Luis Fernando Velasco, confirmed that there is a risk that the footballer's family member will be brought over the Colombian-Venezuelan border.

The commotion continues in Colombia over the kidnapping of the parents of Luis Díaz, a Colombian footballer for Liverpool.

Although the authorities were able to rescue his mother, Cilenis Marulanda, safe and sound; his father, Manuel Díaz, is still in the hands of the kidnappers and is at risk of being transferred to Venezuela, as confirmed by Colombian authorities.

The Minister of the Interior, Luis Fernando Velasco, said that the security forces are mobilized looking for the player's father while they apply a "lock plan" to prevent the kidnappers from taking Manuel Díaz to Venezuela, where it would be even more complicated to carry out a rescue operation.

“The public force's plan was to try to close the roads that lead to the neighboring country. In fact, a search plane was immediately mobilized and the troops in Alto de San Pedro went down to close those roads,” Velasco told W Radio station.

“I think the operation was prudent. It is evident that it will be easier to hide in a country other than ours, but we are doing everything in our power so that they cannot pass him to the other side of the border and we can rescue him,” added the minister.

In another comment, while on his way to vote in the local elections, the minister himself confirmed that the transfer of Luis Díaz's father to Venezuela is a hypothesis that is already being handled within the security forces.

Luis Díaz's parents were kidnapped on Saturday, October 28, at a service station in Barrancas, in the region of La Guajira. Both were in a van when they were intercepted by armed men on motorcycles who took them away in the same vehicle they were driving.