Biden says it is highly unlikely that Israel attacked the hospital in Gaza and that terrorists have to "learn how to shoot straight"

"It’s not the first time Hamas has launched something that didn’t function," the president said.

US President Joe Biden spoke briefly to the media from Ramstein Air Base, Germany, stating that it is unlikely that Israel could have fired on Gaza's Al Ahli Baptist Hospital, a day after the terrorist group Hamas claimed without evidence that the Israeli Army opened fire on the health center.

"I don't know all the detail, but I do know the people at the Defense Department who I respect and the intelligence community that I respect, say it is highly improbable that Israel did that," Biden said before taking a flight back to Washington after visiting Israel this Wednesday.

The president then accused the Palestinian terrorists of not knowing how to shoot.

"I'm not suggesting that Hamas deliberately did it (…) It's that old thing: Gotta learn how to shoot straight," Biden said. "It's not the first time that Hamas has launched something that didn't function very well."

While Hamas accused Israel of shooting at the hospital in Gaza, the IDF responded to the accusations with its own investigations and independent analysis that suggest that the rocket that hit the health center came from the Gaza Strip itself, allegedly launched by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad against Israel.

Israel even announced that the hospital had no structural damage and that Hamas was taking advantage of the missed shot to create an international scandal and falsely blame Israel.

"The explosion at Al Ahli hospital is due to an Islamic Jihad rocket, whose launch failed. They are inflating the victim figures. There was no direct impact on the hospital (...) There is no structural damage to the building, the walls are intact, there is no crater, there is no damage except in the parking lot," said Daniel Hagari, the Israeli Army's chief military spokesman.

While the evidence so far reaffirms the Israeli position, the main international media, at first, served as spokespersons for Hamas and accepted the first version of the incident by the terrorist group that until now has not been supported by the facts.