Federal judge puts the brakes on Wyoming's abortion pill ban

Governor Mark Gordon signed the new law in March and it was set to take effect on the first day of July.

Wyoming's ban on the abortion pill was completely halted by a federal judge's decision Thursday. The federal judge supported his ruling on the fact that there is an ongoing lawsuit over the constitutionality of the state law signed by Governor Mark Gordon in March of this year. The ban was scheduled to take effect on the first day of July.

Wyoming embarked on the path of banning pharmaceutical means of abortion in June 2022, when the U.S. Supreme Court (SCOTUS) overturned the Roe v. Wade decision, which until then had protected abortion nationwide.

Wyoming became the first state to have a legislative initiative to ban abortion pills. These drugs targeted by legislators were the means of about 50% of all abortions performed in 2020. Pending a definitive outcome in the ongoing court battle, the pills will remain legal in Wyoming.

Meanwhile, the state government is also fighting another court battle against Wellspring Health Access, Wyoming's leading abortion clinic. The institution took all other anti-abortion laws in Wyoming to court. For now, the state's lawyers are relying on the legislative autonomy it has in order to design its healthcare system.

If the state had its way, all abortion would be banned in Wyoming. Abortion is only possible when the victim has been sexually assaulted or in cases where abortion can save the mother's life.