World Economic Forum turned 'from an earnest meeting of policy wonks into a glittering assembly of the world’s richest people'

One of the most select conferences in the world has become a grandiose event with an excess of luxuries, including drugs and prostitutes.

Each year, the World Economic Forum (WEF) meets in the Swiss city of Davos. The most select and elitist groups on the planet come together among the snow of the Alps to present their projects for the future world, get to know each other and interweave their networks.

According to press reports that have flown under the radar for years on this exclusive event for businessmen, rulers, celebrities and the ultra-rich, the goals of Davos attendees may have more to do with the glamor and lust behind the doors.

The lavishes in Davos range from bottles of wine and champagne costing over $1,000 to hallucinogenic mushrooms, secret meetings and nights with prostitutes who charge $2,500. For some, the person responsible for turning the WEF into this exclusive club was its current president, Klaus Schwab. In 2023, Vanity Fair awarded him the medal for transforming the World Economic Forum "from a serious meeting of political experts to an ostentatious assembly of the world's richest people."

"There has always been a slight dark side to Davos," an anonymous attendee reportedly told The New York Post. "You know what they say about world leaders and top CEOs being psychopaths," the same source added.

The Daily Mail claims that during previous editions, hard drugs were offered during a party held outside the forum and attended by many of the most select guests.

Another British newspaper, The Times, revealed that around 100 luxury prostitutes, a legal profession in Switzerland, also travel to the small city of just over 11,000 inhabitants, filling up nearby hotels throughout each annual forum. One of the sex workers briefly recounted their experience after the 2023 edition.

Salomé Balthus, also a model and artist of German nationality, explained how the richest businessmen tend to request the services of these women more than politicians. "They have no time or desire, there is a lack of reflection on body awareness. They have to choose between sex or political power. The latter is stronger, leaves no room for other interests and devours people completely," Balthus summarized in a post on X (formerly Twitter).