Woman who pushed a three-year-old girl onto train tracks, held without bail

The little girl, who was quickly rescued by a man, suffered a severe blow to the head.

The woman accused of pushing a three-year-old girl onto train tracks at a Portland station will remain in jail without bail following her arrest. Briana Workman, a homeless person according to court records, pounced on the little girl, who was accompanied by her mother at a train stop, throwing her off the platform without provocation or issuing any kind of threat or warning about what was about to happen.

In the video provided by the Multnomah District Attorney, Mike Schmidt and recorded by cameras at the Gateway Transit Center MAX in northeast Portland, Workman is seen sitting on a bench waiting for the train while a mother and child stand next to a stroller with their backs to her. Suddenly, Workman stands up and pushes the little girl hard, who loses her balance and, after hitting her head on the ground, falls to the track. Thankfully, a man waiting for the train comes intervened and rescued the child. After the assault, Workman went back to sitting quietly.

"Severe headache and mark on forehead."

According to the prosecutor's report, the girl, after being attended to by paramedics, presented with "a severe headache and had a small red mark on her forehead after the incident," but luckily, no signs of serious injuries.

The statement from the U.S. Attorney's Office reports that Worker has been charged with "attempted assault in the first degree, assault in the third degree, interference with public transportation, disorderly conduct in the second degree and reckless endangerment against another person." With these offenses, under Oregon law, pretrial detention is permitted, so the prosecutor has requested that "Workman remain in custody and without bail."