WHO asks China for more data on hospital overcrowding due to pneumonia outbreak in children

The World Health Organization explained that the origin of the disease outbreak is unknown.

The World Health Organization (WHO) requested more data from China on the reported increase in cases of respiratory diseases and clusters of childhood pneumonia cases. The international organization's request comes due to information that Chinese hospitals are overcrowded due to the situation.

"WHO requested additional epidemiologic and clinical information, as well as laboratory results from these reported clusters among children, through the International Health Regulations mechanism. We have also requested further information about recent trends in the circulation of known pathogens including influenza, SARS-CoV-2, RSV and 'mycoplasma pneumoniae,' and the current burden on health care systems," the organization explained in a statement published on its official website.

Likewise, the WHO explained that the origin of the outbreak is unknown. It maintained that although it was aware of an increase in COVID-19 cases, it does not know if this pneumonia is related to the coronavirus or if it is another disease. The organization recommended that the inhabitants of China apply measures to reduce the risk of contracting respiratory diseases, such as getting recommended vaccines, staying away from sick people, staying home when sick, getting screening tests and seeking necessary medical care. They also recommend wearing a mask when appropriate, maintaining good ventilation and washing hands regularly.

"On 21 November, media and ProMED reported clusters of undiagnosed pneumonia in children in northern China. It is unclear if these are associated with the overall increase in respiratory infections previously reported by Chinese authorities, or separate events," the WHO detailed.

The World Health Organization and China were heavily criticized for their lack of transparency when COVID-19 first emerged. Due to the little information offered by the Chinese regime at that time, a global pandemic originated.