US backs 'immediate ceasefire' in Gaza as Blinken calls for Palestinian state

The Secretary of State, visiting the Middle East, presented a draft resolution to interrupt the conflict.

With two weeks left until the war in Gaza turns six months old, the United States showed its support for "an immediate ceasefire" in the conflict initiated by the terrorist group Hamas through the presentation, before the United Nations (UN) Security Council, of its first draft resolution.

Antony Blinken was in charge of confirming the news in statements collected by AFP. "We have submitted a resolution to the Security Council calling for an immediate ceasefire linked to the release of the hostages, and we hope that countries will support it," said the Secretary of State in Saudi Arabia during his tour of the Middle East.

This resolution was not the only initiative that Blinken presented in Saudi territory. During a meeting with some of the top Saudi leaders, the head of American diplomacy called for the creation of an "independent Palestinian state" that does not compromise Israel's security.

"The secretary emphasized the United States' commitment to achieving sustained peace through the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with security guarantees for Israel," said Matthew Miller, spokesman for the Department of State (DOS), in statements reported by the Agencia EFE. Blinken will continue his tour in Cairo, where he will meet with the Egyptian leaders.

Israel continues its counteroffensive against Al Shifa hospital

Meanwhile, the conflict in Gaza continues. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) continued their counteroffensives against the Al Shifa hospital, which serves as a refuge and operations command for Hamas. In the last few hours, the Israeli Army confirmed that it neutralized more than 140 terrorists in various military operations near the medical facilities.

"Since the beginning of the operation, more than 140 terrorists have been eliminated in the hospital area," the IDF said in a statement reported by AFP. Israel is using tanks and aerial bombardments to take down its enemies.