UN report concludes that Russia committed war crimes and "possible" crimes against humanity

The report includes torture, sexual assaults, attacks against Ukraine's electrical infrastructure and even illegal deportations of children.

A report by the Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Ukraine revealed that Russia has perpetrated war crimes and may also have committed crimes against humanity during the invasion of Ukraine.

According to research published Thursday and backed by the United Nations, the crimes range from attacks against civilians and electrical infrastructure to torture and illegal deportations of children.

"Human losses and the general disregard for the life of civilians … are shocking" said Erik Møse, a former judge of Norway's Supreme Court and the European Court of Human Rights.

The report notes that the crimes were even committed against Ukrainians on Russian territory. The investigation reports that Russians torture for absurd reasons such as: speaking Ukrainian or not remembering the lyrics of the Russian anthem.

It also reveals that Russian soldiers have been known to commit sexual assaults and have even forced children to watch their loved ones being raped.

The commission claimed that Russia has also committed multiple attacks on Ukraine's energy infrastructure causing millions of people to go without electricity and depriving them of heating in sub-zero temperatures.


Victims in Russian detention centers were also tortured by electric shocks, an alleged treatment known as "calling Putin" and some were hung from the ceiling in a "parrot position."

"The ongoing armed conflict in Ukraine has had devastating effects at various levels,"Møse said.

Following the investigation, the commission suggested that "all violations and crimes be investigated and those responsible be held accountable, whether at the national or international level". For the time being, the report will go to the UN Human Rights Council and the commission committed to work on a list of possible perpetrators.