Russia blasts Kiev with Iranian drones

Ukrainian anti-aircraft forces managed to fight off the attack, which involved more than a dozen drones. No casualties were reported.

In a new Russian attack, around 13 Iranian-made drones attacked Kiev on Wednesday morning, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry reported. The drones were successfully intercepted by anti-aircraft defenses and no fatalities have been recorded so far, the same source said. There was material damage to residential and administrative buildings.

Moscow obtained the Iranian Shahed drones from being Tehran. They were loaded with explosives and aimed directly at their targets. These types of drones were already used in previous attacks, although they are easier to detect than conventional missiles.

While no fatalities are reported at this time, debris from the downed Iranian-produced drones struck four residential buildings and one administrative building. The attack took place in the Shevchenko district, local news confirmed.

However, Ukrenergo, the operator of the electricity transmission system in Ukraine, continues to be on alert, as the large number of previous Russian attacks against these infrastructures have left many cities without electricity, water and gas. Starting in October, Moscow began a series of attacks aimed at directly affecting the population heading into winter.

Kherson attack

On the same day, after only a few hours, Russia used projectiles to attack the city of Kherson. At least two civilians were killed, including an eight-year-old boy, according to the Ukrainian National Public Broadcasting Company.

Kherson, in the south of the country, was retaken by forces led by President Volodymir Zelensky just over a month ago. At that time, after a series of Ukrainian attacks, the Russian Defense Ministry ordered its troops to move west of the Dnieper River.