U.S. received more than 200 political prisoners expatriated by Nicaragua

Daniel Ortega's regime unilaterally released 245 political prisoners and stripped them of their nationality.

This Thursday, the Biden administration announced that the United States facilitated the transport and entry of more than 200 political prisoners who were expelled from Nicaragua after being declared "traitors to the nation" and stripped of their nationality.

Of the 245 political prisoners of Daniel Ortega's regime, 222 were released for "immediate deportation" in the early hours of the morning without prior notice to family members. They were arrested for "undermining the independence, sovereignty and self-determination of the people, incitement to violence, terrorism and economic destabilization", per the Nicaraguan government.

The United States opted to put them on a plane to Washington after they were screened by several intelligence agencies. Among the detainees were students, journalists, businessmen, priests, political leaders opposed to Daniel Ortega and even a U.S. citizen.

The Government of Nicaragua decided unilaterally to release these 222 individuals whom they had imprisoned. Some of these individuals have spent years in prison for exercising their fundamental freedoms in strict conditions and with no access to due process. "They are already on their way to Washington," said a senior U.S. government official.

"A constructive step"

After the arrival of Ortega's prisoners was confirmed, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken issued a statement announcing that he sees this as a step in the right direction by the Ortega regime. He believes it could serve to open the door to further dialogue between the United States and Nicaragua.

"The release of these individuals, one of whom is a U.S. citizen, by the Government of Nicaragua marks a constructive step towards addressing human rights abuses in the country," he said.

However, despite this decision, Ortega's persecution of his opponents continues unabated. In fact, it was recently reported that his crusade against religion has continued with the arrests of three priests.