U.K.: Homeowners who fail to meet new energy efficiency standards could be arrested

Local media warn that law proposed by the government could penalize citizens with fines or prison sentences for failing to comply with new environmental standards.

U.K. citizens unable to reduce their energy consumption could face up to a year in prison and fines of up to 15,000 pounds ($18,700). This would be the case if Parliament passed a bill promoted by the government of Rishi Sunak, which seeks to cut emissions to zero.

If approved, the rule will allow "the creation of criminal offences" in case of "non-compliance with a requirement imposed by or under energy performance regulations," per the Telegraph.

Official sources claimed that they have no intention of establishing new criminal offenses.

Energy Live News reported that those who provide "false information" about the application of the standard or energy efficiency could also be prosecuted.

The bill re-entered the House of Commons after members of the Tory party tabled amendments, notably calling for the relaxation of restrictions. These will be analyzed on Sept. 12.