Turkey: Deadly attack at a Catholic church in Istanbul

According to the Turkish interior minister, two men opened fire during Sunday mass, wounding several Christians and killing at least one person.

Turkish authorities reported a terrorist attack at a Christian church in the Sariyer district of Istanbul. According to Turkish Interior Minister Ali Yerlijaya, at least one person was killed and several were injured.

The interior minister quickly described the situation and reported that authorities were opening an investigation to learn more details about the events.

According to the information that Yerlikaya posted on social media and what local media reported, two hooded men went into the church of Santa María de Sariyer with weapons and opened fire on the people who were inside and celebrating Sunday mass.

As a result of the attack, several people were injured and at least one of those attending the mass died, according to the authorities who are still waiting to provide more information about what happened.

The interior minister announced that a police operation is underway to arrest the terrorists.

*This is a developing news story.