Tucker Carlson plays Christians for fools

The aim of the journalist, a friend of the enemies of the United States and the free world, is to spread his ill-concealed antisemitic hatred. He will fail.

Tucker Carlson interviewed Reverend Munther Isaac, a Palestinian Lutheran pastor living in Bethlehem, in yet another attempt to demonize Israel and ally himself with the enemies of the free world.

The American journalist’s objective was to show that Christians in Israel and the Palestinian territories are persecuted by Israel and to target American Christian politicians and religious leaders who support the Jewish State.

Let’s break it down bit by bit. First of all, it must be taken into account that Munther Isaac, the interviewee who introduced himself as a poor victim of the Israelis, is an activist who has always maintained a hostile attitude towards Israel and opposes the existence of the Jewish State. He has expressed his rejection of the Abraham Accords (the peace treaties that the Israelis have signed with the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Sudan and Morocco). He has even celebrated the October 7 massacre. Therefore, it is not surprising that Carlson, in a new attempt to demonize Israel (and the Jews), chose him to be interviewed about the situation of Christians in Gaza, the West Bank and Israel. However, the vast majority of Christians realized the journalist’s manipulative intentions; they are not stupid.

However, any rational person knows that to understand how Christians live in Israel, it is necessary to interview the leaders of that community in the Jewish State, but, of course, Carlson knew that they wouldn’t give him the answers he was looking for, since the vast majority of Christians are very satisfied with their life in Israel. They do not want to be governed by any corrupt, authoritarian and bloodthirsty Palestinian leadership. The vast majority of Christians realize that; they are not stupid.

Christians living in Gaza are, unfortunately, stuck in the middle of a war started by Hamas on October 7, so Isaac should hold this terrorist group responsible for the suffering of the community he claims to represent. However, the reverend chose to applaud Hamas instead of condemning them, so he is also at fault for what happens to Christians in the Gaza Strip. The vast majority of Christians realize it; they are not stupid.

Regarding Bethlehem, in the West Bank, Isaac did not mention that Christians became a minority in that city because the Palestinian Authority has been Islamizing it since it began ruling it 30 years ago. As expected and as Carlson wanted, the pastor deceptively said that Christians abandoned Bethlehem because of the “Israeli occupation.” However, the vast majority of Christians realized the deception; they are not stupid.

Christian Israelis prefer to live under Israel freely rather than under a Palestinian Islamic Authority regime

Christians living in Israel pray in churches, work freely, and study at universities regardless of gender. They are also part of the diplomatic corps and can present themselves for election. That is, they live like any Christian in the United States lives. When it comes to the communication of the Jewish State in the world, the most prominent Israeli citizen is Yoseph Haddad, a Christian Arab. Haddad, who was seriously wounded fighting against Hezbollah terrorists in the Second Lebanon War in 2006 while proudly wearing the uniform of the Israel Defense Forces, travels the world to respond to the deceptions often expressed by people like Carlson, perhaps to please the Russian autocrat Vladimir Putin or for his increasingly evident antisemitism. But the vast majority of Christians realize it; they are not stupid.

Another Christian proud to be an Israeli citizen is Shadi Khallouk, founder of the Israeli Christian Aramaic Association (ICAA ), who responded to Carlson on X. “I am Native Christian living in Israel who speaks the language of Jesus Christ. Most of us 180k Christian Israelis prefer to live under Israel freely rather than under a Palestinian Islamic Authority regime controlling Bethlehem. Israel gives us freedom while living under Arabs has been genocidal for Christians all across the Middle East.” He also sent a message to Carlson: “Don’t be deceived by collaborators of the Satan.” Khallouk, like the vast majority of Christians, is not stupid.

Reverend Isaac’s lies and misrepresentations, endorsed by Carlson

To demonstrate his statements regarding the life of Christians in Israel, Isaac maintained that there are videos on social networks in which groups of Orthodox Jews appear spitting on members of that minority in the Old City of Jerusalem, with the clear purpose of trying to make people believe that this is the treatment that Christians receive there. In reality, of course, it is a small minority of insane extremists, as there are in any country, who are repudiated by Israeli society. They are not idolized like the Hamas terrorists were by Isaac after the brutal massacre of October 7. The vast majority of Christians realize the deception; they are not stupid.

Isaac also said that conversions to Christianity in Israel are challenging to carry out, trying to show this situation as a form of discrimination against Christians. However, the issue is related to the heavy bureaucracy of the Jewish State. In fact, converting to Judaism can be as tiring or more tiring than converting to Christianity. However, the vast majority of Christians realize the deception; they are not stupid.

The reverend also said that in Israel, Christians are prohibited from attempting to evangelize citizens. His explanation was unclear, messy and full of hesitation because it is a falsehood. However, Carlson accepted the argument as an absolute truth. In reality, it was a proposal made at some point by an extremist parliamentarian from a minor political party that was immediately rejected. Madness of this type will never prosper in Israel. It is good to condemn it when it arises, but also, the call for the genocide of the Jews by Hamas and other terrorist organizations or the persecution of Christians in the Palestinian territories and many countries in Asia and Africa must be condemned. Still, Isaac did not do so at any time during the 40-minute interview. But the vast majority of Christians realize this; they are not stupid.

Isaac not only tried to deceive people by grotesquely distorting the facts, but he also echoed part of the long list of fake news provided by the Palestinians during the war, such as the Israeli bombing of an Orthodox church and the murder of two Christian women by Israeli snipers in a Catholic church. These two falsehoods had already been exposed and refuted months ago, but Carlson accepted them as absolute truths. However, the vast majority of Christians realize the deception; they are not stupid.

I wonder what Carlson or Isaac will say about the recent kidnapping and subsequent murder of Pascal Sleiman, coordinator in the Byblos (Jbeil) area, north of Beirut, Lebanon, of the Lebanese Forces (LF, for its acronym in English), a Christian party that opposes the Syrian government and its Lebanese ally, the terrorist group Hezbollah. Indeed, they won’t say anything, of course. However, the vast majority of Christians realize the deception; they are not stupid.

Tucker Carlson’s goal is to spread a modern version ofThe Protocols of the Elders of Zion”

Throughout the interview, Tucker Carlson attacked Israel by asking quasi-rhetorical questions to a pastor clearly hostile to the Jewish state and repeatedly expressing his disagreement with Washington’s aid to Jerusalem in light of what, according to him and his interviewee, was a deliberate attack by Israel against Christians. This delusional theory is extremely easy to deny, and it is not necessary to do a profound analysis of it; it can be done by visiting Israel. Most Christians see through Carlson’s deception; they are not stupid.

But this is not the first time that the journalist attacks Israel in a poorly concealed way. Previously, during a program broadcast, he maintained that he found the images of the October 7 massacre horrible but noted that he was more concerned about the enormous number of people who die annually in the United States from fentanyl. Yes, for Carlson, the indiscriminate murder of civilians, the rape of women, beheadings, etc., by a group of racist and genocidal fanatics is a fact less reprehensible than overdose deaths, which, although they are unfortunate, and we must try to avoid them, are related to individual decisions. It has nothing to do with a person’s nationality, ethnicity or religion; the situations are incomparable. However, the vast majority of Christians realize the deception; they are not stupid.

His submission to Putin has also generated distrust among many Americans, who see the Russian president for what he really is: an enemy of the United States and the free world. The curious thing is that, despite Carlson’s explicit support, the autocrat publicly humiliated him, stating that he expected more challenging questions during an interview with the American journalist in Russia. That was not the only humiliation suffered by the presenter. When questioned about it during a conference, Carlson seemed nervous and hesitant when it came to answering since he evidently did not know how to, and when cornered, he would only say that “every leader kills people,” thus justifying the murders committed against any individual who dares to oppose the Kremlin and has a considerable number of followers, without forgetting the number of deaths caused by its imperial whims. Needless to say, the vast majority of Christians realize who Tucker Carlson really is; they are not stupid.

The attitude of Carlson and a handful of right-wing presenters and influencers helps draw attention to them. Their hatred of Jews is so intense that they are even willing to side with America’s enemies to try to spread that hatred, but the vast majority of Christians are not stupid.

The double standard of Carlson and others like him when it comes to pointing out Israel as the culprit of all or most of the evils in the world while justifying, defending, or looking the other way at the crimes committed by the enemies of the free world is striking. And no, it is not that they are accused of being antisemitic to prevent them from criticizing the Israeli government; since there are a large number of people who oppose Netanyahu but realize Carlson’s true intentions, it is not that difficult to do either, it is increasingly visible. The vast majority of Christians realize it; they are not stupid.

Carlson and his minions must understand that they will not be able to successfully spread a kind of modern version of “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” the antisemitic pamphlet published in 1902 with which Tsarist Russia tried to justify the pogroms against the Jews, who in the delirious text were accused of planning to take over the control of Freemasonry and communist movements to take over the world; the same ridiculous slogan repeated by antisemites old and young. However, Carlson’s plan will fail because the vast majority of Christians realize it; they are not stupid.