Trans man says he 'breastfeeds' his baby and is grateful for access to Canadian 'medical expertise'

Murray Pearson, who goes by "Margie Fancypants" on social media, revealed that hormone treatment to develop "breasts" makes him able to breastfeed.

A 52-year-old trans man named Murray Pearson said he is "breastfeeding" his baby thanks to the "privilege in my accessibility to medical expertise," Reduxx reported:

I am humbled by my staggering privilege in my accessibility to medical expertise ... I have five physicians in three clinics in two world class hospitals helping me.

Pearson, who goes by "Margie Fancypants" on social media, began transitioning in 2022 and has since been taking hormone treatment medications to develop "breasts" that, according to him, are capable of breastfeeding:

It works best when breast growth is mature ... but I am taking domperidone while my primary breast growth is underway.

The mission of 'breastfeeding'

The man first shared on Reddit last November an image with his baby when it was 9 months old at the Goldfarb Breastfeeding Clinic in Montreal. In it he commented:

I have a baby almost 9 months old… I cannot wait to connect through feeding. And yes, I will stop drinking before it negatively affects anything they drink.

Pearson also revealed that he was HIV positive and acknowledged that the transmission of the condition to his baby through milk "is possible if viral load becomes detectable," despite having been "continuously monitored for 18.5 years" of his life. He also promised to undergo tests monthly to mitigate risk.