Three reasons why Hispanic support for Biden is in free fall

President Biden's numbers among Latinos fell from 65% in 2020 to 34%.

A new poll from USA Today and Suffolk University shows that Hispanic support for President Joe Biden is in free fall. It went from 65% in 2020 to 34%. Meanwhile, former President Donald Trump went from 32% to 39%.

What are the reasons why Biden has lost so much support while Trump - widely accused by the mainstream media of being racist - rises in popularity among Hispanics? The issue is multifactorial, but we will focus on three main reasons.

The economy is the most important thing for Hispanics

Hispanics are a very hardworking group; in fact, most of Hispanic migration is economic migration. They come to this country looking for a job or pursuing the dream of opening a business. The economy under President Biden is not doing well, and although the president tries to convince the American people about "Bidenomics," every person, not just Hispanics, realizes that the situation has worsened every time they go to the market and their salary can afford them less and less, when is increasingly difficult for them to fill their gas tank because of high prices and, in general, when they look at their bank accounts.

Hispanics are also the most entrepreneurial community. One in four new businesses in the United States has Hispanic owners. These figures are proof of the hard work and desire to progress that characterize the community. Millions of Hispanics came to this country seeking economic freedom that does not exist in Latin America, which allows them to work and also create a business and progress. When the economic outlook becomes increasingly complex, with taxes that punish business creation and inflation that makes everything more expensive, it becomes clear to the Hispanic voter that the country is losing its way.

Therefore, it is not difficult to understand that many Hispanics who enjoyed the good economic results of the Trump administration see the difference with what is happening today and are not willing to support President Biden anymore.

Safety matters

Latin American countries have very high levels of violence. Poverty, added to the lack of justice, makes crime a daily problem, which is why, in addition to economic prosperity, Hispanics highly value security. This is closely linked to economic progress because without security, creating a business or enjoying the created wealth is impossible.

In some places in the United States, the violence is unbearable. For many Hispanics, it is terrifying that the robberies and insecurity they experienced in their countries of origin are also happening in the United States. Hispanics know very well what happens when justice is not applied properly, and under the current administration, it seems that compliance with the law is increasingly weakened.

Phenomena such as the increasing theft from stores in broad daylight and without anyone stopping the groups of thieves who enter supermarkets in droves are inexplicable for many Latinos who always saw the United States as a country where breaking the law brought severe consequences. Furthermore, crime has reached the point where things are allowed in this country that do not even occur in Latin America. Stores in the United States already seem resigned to the fact that they cannot do anything in the face of constant theft and the absurd laws of Democratic administrations that allow crime and do not punish criminals.

Hispanics are conservative

Hispanics have large families, and we are believers. In the United States, the woke ideology is gaining more and more strength, and it is not only about minority groups saying crazy things but about an ideology promoted and often imposed by the State that seeks to destroy the family and offend our faith. Most Hispanics would feel profoundly concerned and offended if their children were told at school that they could "choose their gender."

Children are sacred, and parents are the only ones with the right to choose their education. The advance of the woke ideology in the Biden government offends and greatly worries many Hispanics who, although they may not be Republicans, maintain boundaries when it comes to their children and their beliefs.