The progressive government of Canada seeks to reestablish relations with the socialist regime of Maduro

According to Bloomberg, the Trudeau Administration is prepared to open lines of communication with Caracas.

The government of Canada, led by the progressive Justin Trudeau, is ready to begin reestablishing ties with the socialist regime of dictator Nicolás Maduro, as reported by Bloomberg.

According to the report, an internal memo from the Canadian government establishes that it is interested in generating lines of communication with the regime in Venezuela.

The Trudeau Administration's intentions come after the United States Department of the Treasury announced a temporary lifting of sanctions on the oil, gas and gold sectors that weighed on the Maduro regime.

According to the Biden Administration, the sanctions relief was a gesture of goodwill because the regime and the Venezuelan opposition had reached a banal electoral agreement in Barbados.

According to Bloomberg, without delving into the details, the Canadian government memo says they want to approach Caracas as part of a new "pragmatic" diplomatic approach.

In this way, the Trudeau Administration would be approaching governments that are not ideologically related.

According to the memorandum, Canada and the Maduro regime have so far agreed to send lower-level diplomats to Venezuela and vice versa to begin productive talks toward a potential restoration of relations.

However, whether or not relations between the progressive government of Canada and the socialist Maduro regime will be normalized will depend on whether the promise to "hold free elections" next year is fulfilled, Bloomberg reported.