The price of being free: Instagram takes down Voz Media's account

The media outlet's account was permanently disabled, proving how arbitrary Meta's social networks are and how independent informants are at the mercy of biased and anonymous complaints.

Instagram, the social network owned by Meta, permanently suspended Voz Media's account. Voz Media's corporate office received a notice this Wednesday that the media outlet's account had been disabled.

The Voz Media account on Instagram, deactivated.

The reason why Voz Media's account has been suspended on Instagram is a mystery. We have reached out to Instagram to try and figure out what exactly the infractions were so that we could correct them but we did not receive a response. Instead, Meta informed Voz Media USA ( @vozmediausa) that it was taking down the account for violating community guidelines.

However, here at Voz Media, we are deeply convinced that we have complied with these community rules at all times. Our philosophy as a communications company is to truthfully report everything that happens in the world, especially in the United States, the Iberosphere and the Hispanic world.

Voz Media's commitment to the truth

Our commitment to the truth leads us to deal with issues and information that the mainstream media decided to walk away from a long time ago. Since we launched as a media outlet we have openly reported on issues such as the controversies surrounding trans medication and surgery, drug trafficking on the border, and the murky affairs surrounding President Joe Biden and his family. From a respectful point of view, we have tried to bring sanity to complex issues such as climate alarmism or COVID-19 vaccination. We have tried to defend conservative values, from family to country or respect for God.

We are aware that we have generated a reaction that is not always welcome among certain groups. In fact, we recognize that Instagram had previously warned us of some temporary suspensions. We have always managed to have these reversed despite anonymous complaints attempting to take down Voz Media. However, it seems that they have finally gotten their way. We insist that Voz Media was not informed of these alleged breaches of Instagram's community policies, which shows how independent reporters are at the mercy of interested and anonymous complaints, which is what happened in this case.

Voz Media has already been the subject of censorship attacks. The temporary suspension on Twitter was reversed thanks to our eagerness to prove our unwavering commitment to the truth.

Unfortunately, this time that was not the case and the Voz Media account on Instagram was completely taken down. However, our commitment to the reader remains strong and we will continue to inform the public on all possible platforms. In fact, the Voz Media English account on Instagram is still operational, as are our communities on Twitter, Facebook and the rest of the predominant social networks. Of course, our website,, will continue to operate and report on everything that other media outlets want to silence or censor. 

Thank you for your continued support.