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Univision hacked: False survey claiming Maduro's election victory published in Venezuela

The media outlet said that an unauthorized user posted a fake news story on its website.

Imagen de archivo del edificio de Univision situado en el 5100 Southwest Fwy - KXLN

(JA Garcia / Wikimedia Commons)

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Univision reported that their website was hacked in Venezuela. The information came after several Venezuelan media outlets circulated a fraudulent electoral survey. The false poll, incorrectly attributed to Univision Oralndo, claimed Nicolás Maduro had won the presidential elections.

"This information has no basis nor has it been prepared by Univision Noticias," the television channel said in a statement published on its official website.

Univision explained that "an unauthorized user published false news on the Univision Orlando website."

Likewise, the media outlet assured that it is investigating the incident to find the origin of the publication.

The Venezuelan opposition leads the polls

Recent polls in Venezuela show a favorable outlook for the Venezuelan opposition, according to a poll conducted by the Spanish newspaper El País.

According to the latest polls, Edmundo González Urrutia, the opposition candidate, who was appointed by María Corina Machado after being disqualified, has a 20-point lead over Nicolás Maduro in voting intentions. González Urrutia would win with 50% of the vote, while Maduro would receive between 22% and 25%.